By | October 9, 2017

Thailand’s ambition to reply to the U-19 national team in the AFC Cup

Thailand coach U-19, Marc Alavedra Palacios not too disappointed with the defeat of his team from Indonesia U-19 national team at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Cikarang, Sunday (8/10/2017). In the test match, Garuda Nusantara won 3-0.

Marc said, Thailand U-19 made many mistakes in a test match against the U-19 national team Indonesia. But that’s according to Marc very good to be a lesson before appearing in AFC Cup Qualifier U-19, November.

“We arrived in Indonesia on October 6th, we are training well and in the game we try to focus on the open game of Indonesia,” he said, quoted from the official website of Thai Football Federation, FAT.

“In the second half we did a lot of substitutions, it’s not good for the team, but I want everybody to feel the game, it will be a great experience for players,” Marc said.

Test match against the Indonesian national team U-19 is a series of preparations for Thailand U-19 before appearing in AFC Cup Qualification U-19. In the qualifying round, Thailand will be in Group I with Singapore, Mongolia and Japan.

Marc hopes Thailand can qualify for the AFC U-19 Cup finals taking place in Indonesia next year. When escaped, Marc hopes Thailand can return a duel with Garuda Nusantara and avenge defeat in Cikarang.

“See you again in the AFC Cup, I hope to face you (Indonesian national team U-19),” said the Spanish coach.


As is known, Thailand U-19 powerless facedTimnas Indonesia in Cikarang. Three goals Garuda Nusantara printed Witan Sulaiman and Abimanyu and Saddil Ramdani.

For Indonesia U-19 national team, in addition to boost confidence, this victory makes Indonesia U-19 national team successfully complete a grudge to Thailand. Understandably, Thailand is a team that damage the dream U-19 national team in AFF Cup U-18 2017. At that time, Thailand won a penalty shootout in the semifinals.

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