By | September 10, 2017

Inter Milan vs SPAL: Nerazzurri Continue Good Trends

Inter Milan want to continue the good trend early in the season. They again expect victory in giornata 3, Serie A.

Inter Milan’s opponent this time is a promotion team SPAL. The match is scheduled to be held at the Stadio Giusepp Meazza, Sunday, 10 September 2017.

Perfect results continue to be achieved Nerazzurri in the first two games. They also now occupy the position of two standings, under the defending champion, Juventus.

Of course the note did not want to be smeared in this week. Moreover, the team faced is the new occupant of the highest caste competition in Italy.

But make no mistake, SPAL is new promotion. But Reflecting on the initial performance, they remain worth watching. Now Biancazzurri sit in position seven standings.

In their opening match draw against Lazio in the Olimpico, 2-2. Then in the next week, SPAL overthrew Udinese, 1-0.

Self-conscious ahead of the game, SPAL, through his coach, Leonardo Semplici stated that they are nothing compared to Inter. However, he said the Serie B champions were not at all afraid.

“The match will demand our maturity Inter Milan are the championship candidates, just like Juventus and Roma, so this is not a balanced match,” Semplici said.

“But we will continue to play our way, without fear, our main goal is to make them miserable,” he continued.

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