By | October 20, 2017


Bhayangkara FC “Pagari” Simon McMenemy from Other Club Incase

Manager Bhayangkara FC, Sumardji, denied the desire of another club that tried to hijack a Scottish passport coach, Simon McMenemy.

Sumardji also ensures that Simon McMenemy will remain in charge of Bhayangkara FC next season.

“Simon is a two-year contract, which means that in 2018 he is still the coach of Bhayangkara FC, so he can not look at other clubs,” said Sumardji, Wednesday (18/10/2017).

Simon is considered able to exceed the target charged by management Bhayangkara FC in League 1 season 2017.

At the beginning of the season, Simon sued Bhayangkara FC management to deliver the team nicknamed The Guardian to penetrate the top five.

However, as Evan Dimas et al performs well throughout the competition, management hopes Bhayangkara FC can finish at least as runner-up.

Entering the 30th week, Bhayangkara FC is not yet shaken at the top of the standings by collecting 59 points, despite losing 0-2 from PSM Makassar in their home game on Thursday (19/10/2017) night.

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